The Gathering Cafe: A Hidden Gem in West Ashley

Stacey Crew and Danielle Wecksler started Eat Healthy Charleston after Stacey’s love for healthier food collided with Danielle’s amazing food photography. Read more. The two were meeting regularly and decided that they could keep it interesting by trying new restaurants around town that touted delicious food that contained healthy ingredients. They also thought it would be fun to invite a guest along who would add an interesting twist to the conversation.

For the maiden voyage, Eat Healthy Charleston started with The Gathering Cafe, a hidden gem in West Ashley. And March is National Nutrition Month, so it was only fitting that we invited Registered Dietitian, Kathleen Oswalt to join us. Kathleen (a.k.a. @yourfoodsensitivitydetective on social media) started her business in 2017 after ten years at the VA Hospital in Charleston. She specializes in guiding and coaching her clients through food sensitivity testing along with a nutrition protocol.  She creates a roadmap to help them make small shifts, always with the goal of asking oneself, “how can I feel better by shifting my nutrition?”

Eat Healthy Charleston - Gathering Place Cafe

Kathleen’s personal philosophy is that she’s all about balance, which she says differs from person to person.

“It’s important to eat foods that work for your body so you can enjoy an occasional splurge.”

Her biggest splurge is cheese with a glass of red wine. When it comes to her clients, she meets people where they are and works to help them shift to healthier options.

At one point, our discussion extended beyond food, but quickly circled back to the importance of nutrition. But doesn’t it always come back to food?! We discussed our busy schedules and the importance of maintaining a balance, including a solid sleep schedule and keeping splurges to a minimum. But, of course, we returned to food!

Here’s what we enjoyed for lunch…

We started with what’s on the Be an Artist section of the menu. You can order one, two or three options for various prices. We chose two: the oven-roasted sweet potatoes and the Brussel Sprouts. The Brussel Sprouts with the roasted grapes and fig jam was particularly good. It was an unusual combination of flavors, but it worked really well. But both dishes were tasty and delicious, making vegetables truly desirable!

Eat Healthy Charleston - Gathering Place Cafe Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Stacey had the Goddess Bowl that included tomato, red pepper, kale, cannellini beans, Israeli couscous, kalamata olives topped with a delicious lemon sauce. In her words…

“The Goddess Bowl was comfort food on steroids! Packed full of protein and nutrients, it impressed was tasty and filling. Perfect for an overcast sort of day.”

Eat Healthy Charleston - Gathering Place Cafe Goddess Salad

Danielle tried the Beluga Lentil & Quinoa salad, which is topped with avocado, onion, mint greens, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and a lemon vinaigrette. Danielle was impressed because it was so hearty for a salad, yet the combination of flavors were refreshingly light and balanced. The final word was…well, there weren’t any words because she was too busy with her head down eating every last bite off the plate!

Eat Healthy Charleston - Gathering Place Cafe Lentil and Quinoa Salad

Finally, Kathleen had the Roasted Beet salad with red and yellow beets, mesclun greens, goat cheese and a mustard vinaigrette. Kathleen had this to say about her salad…

“It was a nice light lunch with pleasing flavors from the beets and goat cheese and a pungent finishing from the mustard vinaigrette. A great combination, I mean who doesn’t love beets and goat cheese together?”  

Eat Healthy Charleston - Gathering Place Cafe Roasted Beet Salad

The Gathering Cafe is a cozy spot located in the Orange Grove Shopping Plaza on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. It offers a variety of options, including Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free in the form of bowls, salads and even pizza! The “Be the Artist” option allows for you to choose between one and three sides of vegetables & grains that include oven roasted sweet potatoes, organic gluten-free mac-n-cheese, and more.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They do close at 8pm, however, so keep that in mind when planning a visit. The staff is friendly and our server, Gabe, was super attentive and had a great personality. Highly recommend!

Join us next month after we’ve visited the Gnome Cafe in downtown Charleston.

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