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Eat Healthy Charleston was started by Stacey Crew and Danielle Wecksler after Stacey’s love for healthier food collided with Danielle’s amazing food photography. The two were getting together regularly for meetings and decided that they could keep it interesting by trying new restaurants around town that were known for delicious food containing healthy ingredients. They also thought it would be fun to invite a guest along who would add an interesting twist to the conversation.

Eat Healthy Charleston - Stacey Crew

Stacey Crew is a Certified Wellness Coach and founder of Stacey Crew Wellness, a Charleston-based wellness company that helps individuals achieve their health & wellness goals through a process of understanding, educating and empowering clients. When you’re riddled with inflammation and pain, pursuing your goals becomes challenging. A health body, fueled by nutritious food makes life easier to navigate. Stacey helps individuals bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Find Stacey on social media @staceycrewcoach

Danielle Wecksler is the creative force behind Plateful Solutions, a food-focused digital media company. Danielle blends the unique traits of being a foodie, a project manager, and a geek. She specializes in the digital marketing and business solutions side of the business. Given that she has both a food and tech background, Danielle is able to create unique and original content for brands that can be applied across all digital channels. She is an expert in digital strategies, and can translate complex concepts into business results. Find Danielle on social @platefulsolns

Eat Healthy Charleston - Danielle Wecksler